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Benjamin Stonestreet Carver or as commonly known as Ben Carver is an entrepreneur and the founder of Laser Cut Lover – a laser cutting and engraving business. Ben has over 10 years of experience in the laser cutting industry. Over the years, Ben has established himself as an expert in laser cutting and engraving.

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Ben is always fascinated by the developments in the laser technology industry. As a result, he developed an interest in laser engraving and its applications in graphic design, advertising, arts and crafts.  He was captivated by the way laser machines and tools could be used to produce intricate designs and shapes with precision and accuracy in a variety of materials, including fabric, wood, paper, and metal. The passion led him to pursue studies in Graphic Design, where he honed his skills in computer-aided design and manufacturing.

Upon graduation, Ben began working for various graphic design and engineering companies, where he gained invaluable experience in the laser industry. However, Ben soon realized that he wanted to start his own business and put his skills and expertise to work in a way that was more fulfilling and rewarding. As a result, he founded Stonestreet Leather – a company that provides high-quality leather and leather-related products to craftsmen and craftswomen. In 2022, Ben founded his own laser cutting and engraving business, which quickly grew into a successful enterprise, now known as Laser Cut Lover.

Today, Ben’s Laser Cut Lover business is a thriving enterprise with a state-of-the-art facility and a team of highly skilled professionals. Laser Cut Lover’s services are in high demand, and he has worked with businesses and customers from a wide range of industries, including, jewelry, arts and crafts, marketing, corporate, and advertising.

Ben is constantly exploring and researching new techniques and technologies in laser cutting and engraving to stay ahead of the competition.


Whenever Ben is not working in Laser Cut Lover, he is out supporting his community. He advocates for youth empowerment through sports and entrepreneurship. Ben Carver volunteers both his time and expertise to help young entrepreneurs learn laser cutting and engraving opportunities.

Ben Carver

For business, you can connect with Ben Carver at LinkedIn. Or, reach him at:

1615 Memorial DR SE

Atlanta, Georgia 30317

Phone: 404482339

Email: [email protected]