Do you want to create stunning and personalized products with laser engraving and cutting? Whether you are a hobbyist, a crafter, a maker, or a small business owner, you need a reliable and versatile system that can handle any material and application. That’s why you need the Epilog Zing 24, a powerful and affordable laser engraving and cutting system that will take your projects to the next level.

The Epilog Zing 24 is a compact and easy-to-use system that offers a range of features and specifications to suit your needs. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose the Epilog Zing 24 for your laser engraving and cutting projects:

High-Quality Laser Source and Optics

The Epilog Zing 24 uses a state-of-the-art, digitally controlled, air-cooled CO2 laser tube that is modular, permanently aligned and field replaceable. This means that you can easily maintain and upgrade your system without compromising its performance or quality.

You can choose from four wattage options (30, 40, 50 or 60 watts) depending on your speed and power requirements. The higher the wattage, the faster and deeper you can cut and engrave your materials.

The Epilog Zing 24 also delivers a high-quality and precise laser beam that can produce fine details and smooth edges on any material. Whether you are working with wood, acrylic, leather, fabric, metal, glass, or stone, you can achieve stunning results with the Epilog Zing 24.

To help you locate the laser position and remove heat and combustible gases from the cutting surface, the Epilog Zing 24 also features a Red Dot Pointer and an Air Assist. These features enhance the accuracy and safety of your laser engraving and cutting projects.

Large and Flexible Work Area

The Epilog Zing 24 has a large work area of 24″ x 12″ (610 x 305 mm) that can accommodate a wide range of materials and projects. You can engrave or cut multiple items at once, or work on larger pieces with ease. The working area is similar to that of Beamo 30W and LC40.

You can also adjust the material thickness by using the manual focus tool or the optional Auto Focus feature. The Epilog Zing 24 can handle materials up to 4.5″ (114 mm) thick with the standard table, or up to 7.75″ (197 mm) thick with the optional table.

The Vector Cutting Table can be easily removed and replaced to allow for different cutting and engraving methods. The grid-style table minimizes the contact between the material and the table, reducing backside burning and providing better air circulation. The solid-style table provides a flat surface for engraving thin or irregularly shaped items.

The Epilog Zing 24 also has a Relocatable Home feature that allows you to set a new home position by hand for irregularly shaped or placed items. This way, you can optimize your work area and avoid wasting material.

User-Friendly Software and Interface

The Epilog Zing 24 can be controlled from any software package that can print to a printer, such as design programs, spreadsheet applications or CAD drawing packages. You don’t need to learn any new software or format your files in a specific way. You just print your design to the Epilog Zing 24 as you would to any printer.

You can also adjust the speed, power, resolution and other settings of the system from a simple interface called the Laser Dashboard. The Laser Dashboard allows you to customize your laser engraving and cutting projects according to your preferences and needs.

The Epilog Zing 24 has a built-in memory that can store multiple files up to 64 MB in size. You can also use a rolling buffer to engrave files of any size without slowing down your computer. This way, you can work faster and more efficiently.

This laser cutter also offers two connection options: Ethernet or USB. You can connect your system to any computer with either option, depending on your convenience and availability. Both options enable fast and reliable data transfer from your computer to your system.

The Epilog Zing 24 is a powerful and affordable laser engraving and cutting system that will help you create stunning and personalized products with ease. Whether you want to make gifts, decorations, signs, jewelry, art, or anything else you can imagine, you can do it with the Epilog Zing 24.

If you are interested in learning more about the Epilog Zing 24 or requesting pricing and free samples, please visit Epilog Laser’s website or contact them today. You won’t regret choosing this machine for your laser engraving and cutting projects.



  • Ben Carver

    Ben is a dedicated laser cutting and engraving specialist based in the vibrant city of Atlanta, GA. He has contributed to The Independent, Business Insider, Yahoo, Entrepreneur, and Business Insider. He has spent the last 7 years staying at the forefront of laser engraving industry. He has worked with various companies and people to create innovative and cutting-edge designs. Ben is passionate about the versatility and precision of laser cutting and enjoys exploring new techniques and materials to push the boundaries of what is possible.