Have you ever dreamed of creating your own personalized gifts, decorations, or accessories with laser engraving? If so, you might be interested in the Omtech 40w, a versatile and affordable laser engraver that can handle a variety of non-metal materials. Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional, the Omtech 40w can help you unleash your creativity and turn your ideas into reality.

The Omtech 40w is a compact and user-friendly laser engraver that features a 12” x 8” (300 x 200mm) engraving surface and powerful internal components. It can cut or engrave wood, glass, acrylic, leather, and more up to a depth of 1/8″ (3mm) at speeds up to 13.8 ips (350 mm/s). The double duty working surface is equipped with a stability clamp for irregular objects and a leveling board to ensure your laser designs come out flawless.

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Design and Build Quality

The Omtech 40w co2 laser engraver machine has a sleek and sturdy design that fits in any workspace. It measures 31.4” x 19.6” x 9.8” (800 x 500 x 250mm) and weighs 57.3 lbs (26 kg). It is made of high-quality materials and components, such as a reinforced body, a water-cooled CO2 laser tube, a ventilation fan, and a digital control panel.

The omtech 40w also has several safety features and precautions to protect you and your machine. It has a transparent cover that allows you to monitor the engraving process and prevents dust and smoke from escaping. It also has an emergency stop button, a water temperature sensor, and a laser power supply protection system. You should always wear protective goggles and gloves when operating the Omtech 40w and avoid direct contact with the laser beam.

Performance and Functionality

The Omtech 40w is easy to set up and operate with the included USB cable and software. It is compatible with Lightburn and Laser GRBL software, which enable you to create intricate designs and optimize your workflow. You can also use CorelDraw or other graphic software to design your projects and import them to the Omtech 40w.

The Omtech 40w can engrave a wide range of materials, such as wood, glass, acrylic, leather, rubber, bamboo, paper, fabric, cork, and more. You can adjust the engraving depth and speed according to the material type and thickness. You can also choose from different engraving modes, such as scan, cut, or dot.

With the Omtech 40w, you can create amazing projects for yourself or others. You can make personalized gifts, such as photo frames, jewelry boxes, keychains, or coasters. You can also make decorations, such as signs, wall art, or ornaments. You can even make accessories, such as earrings, bracelets, or belts.

Customer Service and Warranty

OMTech is a trusted brand that provides excellent customer service and support for its products. You can contact OMTech via email, phone, or social media for any questions or issues you may have with the Omtech 40w. You can also visit their website for more information and resources on how to use the Omtech 40w.

The Omtech 40w comes with a one-year warranty that covers the machine parts and labor. The laser tube has a six-month warranty. You can return or exchange the Omtech 40w within 30 days of purchase if you are not satisfied with it.

Projects to Do with Omtech 40W

Some of the things you can make with an Omtech 40W co2 laser engraver cutting machine are:

  • Personalized jewelry: You can cut and engrave your own earrings, necklaces, bracelets, or rings from wood, acrylic, or metal. You can add your name, initials, or a special message to make them unique.
  • Customized coasters: You can make your own coasters from wood, cork, or leather. You can add your favorite quotes, images, or logos to match your style or theme.
  • Decorative signs: You can make your own signs from wood, acrylic, or metal. You can add your family name, house number, or a welcome message to greet your guests.
  • Photo frames: You can make your own photo frames from wood or acrylic. You can add a border, a name, or a date to commemorate a special occasion.
  • Puzzle pieces: You can make your own puzzle pieces from wood or acrylic. You can cut out any shape or image you like and challenge yourself or your friends to solve it.
  • Stencils: You can make your own stencils from cardboard or plastic. You can use them to paint or spray on walls, fabrics, or other surfaces.
  • Bookmarks: You can make your own bookmarks from wood or leather. You can add a quote, a name, or a symbol to mark your place in your favorite book.


The Omtech 40w is a versatile and affordable laser engraver that can help you create amazing projects with laser engraving. It has a compact and user-friendly design that fits in any workspace. It has powerful performance and functionality that can handle a variety of non-metal materials. It also has excellent customer service and warranty that ensure your satisfaction.


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