There are lots of items made from acrylic that can be quite stunning in appearance and practical at the same time. Why not scroll through our choices for top laser cut acrylic sheets and products made by laser cutters to get an idea of what all is available?

Best Laser Cut Acrylic 

Engraved Laser Cut Acrylic CalendarsCHECK PRICE
3D Laser-Cut Custom Layered Logo SignCHECK PRICE
Custom Handmade Layered Laser Cut Acrylic NecklaceCHECK PRICE
Handcrafted Acrylic Laser Cut SignCHECK PRICE
Laser Cut Neon-Colored Acrylic CactusCHECK PRICE

Laser Cut Acrylic Reviews

Engraved Laser Cut Acrylic Calendars, Planners & To-Do Lists – Bamboo Stands Included

Engraved Laser Cut Acrylic Calendars, Planners

Most families and individuals lead very busy lives that leave them little time to get organized. Paper calendars and other planning organizers can become torn, marked up or otherwise damaged. In addition, those paper organizers often get lost stuffed into drawers or thrown in the backseat of a car. There is a better way to get super organized without a lot of fuss, effort or money.

Consider replacing your old calendars with crisp and clear engraved laser cut acrylic calendars, planners and to-do lists that come with a cool bamboo stand to keep all your upcoming dates and details right at your fingertips. Another bonus is that this clear design offers a sophisticated method that looks far better than old ripped-up organizers that you are likely more familiar with using.

These awesome and practical organizers that are laser cut offer a pristine clear work surface that is easily wiped clean using special acrylic cleaning formula on a micro-soft cloth. Doing this leaves a streak and scratch free result that will keep your reusable planners and calendars looking like new for years.

Each comes with 3 medium and 3 large sized dry erase markers that fit into the groove slots or cutout holes incorporated into the bamboo stand. Choose your preferred acrylic organizer product, size and design style that includes mountain top, feather pen or palm leaves. Finally, organization and planning made simple.

3D Laser Cut Custom Layered Logo Sign on Acrylic – Includes Stand Off Mounting Hardware

3D Laser Cut Custom Layered Logo Sign on Acrylic

Nothing makes a workplace or other setting look more professional than a clean and personalized space. Customize your workplace or home office by purchasing an attractive 3D custom layered logo sign laser-cut and mounted on crystal-clear acrylic with included stand-off mounting hardware. This sign comes in several size selections, and the letters and logo will be painted in your choice of colors. If desired, a custom color may be ordered for a perfect match.

After the sign is crafted using precise and accurate laser-cut technology by expert creative staff, it will be mounted onto clear or other color acrylic that is lightweight and easy to hang with the included stand-off mounting hardware. This mounting method nicely sets the logo off making it visually pleasing and favorably noticed.

Select your finished sign size, choose your logo paint shade and specify which color mounting acrylic that you desire. The acrylic comes in frosted, white, black, gray or clear. The logo available shades include metallic options, like gold, silver, aged copper, gunmetal and rose gold along with black, white, champagne or a custom color.

The signs should be used indoors or outdoors if the sign will be in a covered area and not exposed to the elements. There are some other outdoor signs and additional products by this seller available.

Custom Handmade Layered Laser Cut Acrylic Necklace

Custom Handmade Layered Laser Cut Acrylic Necklace

Acrylic necklaces are fast becoming a popular trend especially in the young girl, teen and adult crowd. This material is cut thick enough for a stand-out look but is lightweight when worn on a chain around the neck. This particular custom, layered laser-cut acrylic necklace is meant for a double-layered pendant-style necklace. The buyer will choose two colors. Select one for the letters and one for the background.

This stunning statement necklace can convey your name, nickname or your favorite saying even if that is something a bit obscene. The two-color necklace makes a fantastic gift for a special someone, your parent, sister, brother, best friend or anyone else that you spend time with or are related to.

Some of the color hues have a glittery background for added style and fun. At the affordable prices, you may want to order more than one. Grandparents can order this personalized jewelry piece for their grandchildren, or the grandchildren can order one for their parents or grandparents. Once seen, everyone will want one too.

Handcrafted Acrylic Laser Cut Sign – Personalize with Color & Name

Handcrafted Acrylic Laser Cut Sign

There are many uses for a lightweight sign that can be customized to suit every person and their design style tastes. Acrylic signs that are laser cut are an easy way to get lovely handmade signs that feature your favorite color and your own name or the name of someone you will gift with this stylish sign. Imagine your bedroom, home office, dorm room or other personal space decorated with your own stunning custom laser cut sign made of acrylic.

Your options in sign colors include trendy colors like silver mirror, rose gold mirror and gold mirror along with standard color selections like black, white, yellow, pink, blue, red and clear. Other colors may also be available on request depending on inventory.

Laser Cut Neon-Colored Acrylic Cactus – Never Needs Water

Laser Cut Neon-Colored Acrylic Cactus

Perhaps you have always been jealous of a coworker who has multiple lush and beautiful plants in her workspace, but you did not inherit a green thumb. Never fear, there is an immortal laser cut acrylic neon-hued cactus ready to adorn your workstation, windowsill or anywhere else you desire to place it. The cactus comes in three colors and features neon hues that are sure to bring a smile to all that see them.

Just imagine, you can leave work on a Friday and come back on Monday and guess what? Your easy-natured cactus will still be glowing the same green, orange or pink neon shade even if you forgot to water them. P.S., these cacti never need watered, and you do not have to worry about asking your cranky coworker with too many plants to water yours when you leave on vacation. In fact, this makes an ideal gift come holiday work party.


What laser do you need to cut acrylic?

You need CO2 laser machine with wavelength of 10,640 nm. This laser cutter can cut through clear acrylic material and produce flame-polished edges without need for post-processing. 

Are there disadvantages of laser cutting acrylic?

Disadvantages include limitations on material thickness, high upfront costs, and high energy consumption. Also, harmful fumes and gases are produced. 

How strong of a laser do you need for acrylic cutting?

It is advisable to get a laser with power rating of 60W or higher. The idea is for 1mm of acrylic, you should use 10W of laser power to get high-quality cuts. 

Final Thoughts

There are lots of options when looking for lightweight versions of laser cut acrylic personalized jewelry pieces, fun decorative plants in neon colors, desk organizers and planners and signs that you can customize with personal details. Best of all, you do not need to waste time, gas and effort driving to a brick-and-mortar store. Shop online to see these phenomenal choices that made our top laser cut acrylic products list this time.

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