Every room needs a practical coaster to protect glass, wood and other vulnerable surfaces from condensation moisture or damage caused by high heat. There are many stunning coasters can be bought separately or in handy sets available online and elsewhere. Many of these coaster sets are handcrafted and boast a laser cut design that features one-of-a-kind style. Some coasters have personalized engraving options as well.

Read on for our top laser cut coasters along with other descriptive details.

Best Laser Cut Coasters

Handmade Resin Laser Cut Coasters Mango WoodCHECK PRICE
Geometric Laser Cut Coaster Set of NineCHECK PRICE
Set of 4 Mix & Match Laser Cut Hexagon CoastersCHECK PRICE
Laser Cut Wooden Coasters in a Beehive Honeycomb DesignCHECK PRICE
Geometric Wooden Handmade CoastersCHECK PRICE

Laser Cut Coasters Reviews

Handmade Resin Laser Cut Coasters Mango Wood

Handmade Resin Laser Cut Coasters Mango Wood

Every home should have beautiful and fully functionable coasters to protect valuable tabletops, desks, end-tables, bedside stands and other furniture. Setting hot or cold cups or glasses of beverages onto a wood, glass or other material could result in water rings due to condensation or burn marks due to direct heat from hot coffee or tea for instance.

The obvious answer to the above dilemma is to purchase handmade resin laser cut coasters like these fashioned from durable and heat-resistant epoxy resin and mango wood materials. These nature-inspired coasters are handcrafted using a laser cut to achieve the desired patterns and design styles.

These stunning coasters come in single items or sets and boast a nature-inspired style using rich and detailed colors like ocean blue and amber mango wood finishes. These striking laser-cut coasters feature breathtaking marbled lines with alluring, authentic wood-grained patterns that will have you dreaming about a beach vacation in a tropical resort every time you see them.

These lovely coasters make outstanding gifts for housewarming parties, holidays, weddings and other celebrations. They can also be personalized with engraving details and gift wrapped if desired.

Geometric Laser Cut Coaster Set of Nine

Geometric Laser Cut Coaster Set of Nine

These enchanting laser-cut coasters come in a convenient set of nine and feature a stunning geometrical design with each being different. This coaster set offers an affordable option for unique gifts giving and for a variety of events like family gatherings, holiday dinners and other cherished celebrations. The intricately handmade coasters are crafted from authentic cherry or maple wood.

These attractive coasters are ideal for just about any design theme. The scrollwork is reminiscent of old-world styled designs that work just as well in a modern or contemporary home or other space. Consumers can also personalize these coasters with unique, custom engravings and design additions. Use these sensational coasters in your vintage home, at your casual lake house or inside your forest retreat or mountain cottage and just about anywhere else. These handcrafted coasters will delight any personality and make thoughtful gifts that are sent from the heart.

Set of 4 Mix & Match Laser Cut Hexagon Coasters

Laser Cut Hexagon Coasters

This affordable collection of various handcrafted wooden hexagon coasters come in a set of 4 and can be a mix and match set for added convenience. These lovely coasters may also be individualized with initials which makes them perfect for gift giving in a variety of settings.

The coasters are all laser-cut and boast a hexagon shape with the design detailing being varied for more selections. These coasters are great to have on hand for those unexpected events like a spur-of-the-moment holiday invite, extra dinner guests, housewarming parties, birthdays and more. Everyone will be delighted with these practical yet attractive coasters that also have the ability to protect your valuable furnishings from water marks and other unwanted damage or spots.

Consider giving these coaster sets to a child’s favorite teacher, as a thank you gift for friends that helped you with a move or as an addition to an upcoming special event home decor. The coasters are lightweight but remain sturdy, and the elegant design styles are better appreciated when viewed up close and personal.

The coasters are so affordable and have many uses, so consider ordering different sets. You can pick and choose between several design styles to make each set unique. They can easily be shipped by mail to someone that lives in a distant locale.

Exquisite Handmade Laser Cut Wood Coasters in a Beehive Honeycomb Design

Geometric Wooden Handmade Coasters

This coaster is beautifully laser cut and made by hand out of natural wood. The honeycomb center is gorgeous, and each coaster has been sanded by hand then hand stained and finished for an authentic and original look that will last. Each coaster also boasts a cute bee outline for a charming focal accent.

Use this cheerful bee honeycomb coaster made from handcrafted wood in your kitchen, family room, sunporch or outdoor picnic area. These useful coasters are perfect for those that love gardening, cooking or being outdoors in nature. The bee has been a symbol of fertility, life and happiness for centuries.

Use these delightful and happy coasters when serving tea to guests or hosting backyard BBQs during sunny weather. This age-old representation of hard work reflected by the busy bee makes this item an inspirational gift idea or use it in your office to inspire your creative and work process. Pair these coasters with sunflowers, garden themed objects or to convey a rustic or country vibe.

This coaster is also adorable when hung on a wall or used outdoors. Add them on top of gift packages for a fun and decorative accent. Since the honeycomb and bee coaster is carefully handmade and sanded then stained for a smooth surface, you do not have to worry about scratches from rough woods when used on your valuable tables or other surfaces.

Geometric Honeycomb Wooden Handmade Coasters Laser Cut

honeycomb laser cut coasters

This coaster 4 set features laser cut handcrafted authentic wood that is precisely cut into intricate geometrical designs. The coasters may be purchased as one set made of the same design or as a set of 4 with different designs. Make a thoughtful statement with these precious and handcrafted coasters that are hand designed into geometric patterns from either solid maple or cherry wood unlike other versions cut from plywood.

These coasters also come in custom designs and size options. Tuck a few of these into every room in your house and use as a decorative statement.


What is the best material for laser engraved coasters?

The ideal material for laser engraved coasters is Cork. This is because of its durability and great contrast it offers. 

What is the best wood for laser cutting coasters?

The main types of plywood that are perfect for making coasters include bamboo and birch. These materials are easy to use and readily available. 

What are the benefits of coasters?

Coasters help protect the surface of the table or surfaces where users might place glass. Also, they prevent contamination of the drink. 


Take time to browse the above-mentioned top laser cut coasters that each have unique colorations and patterns as they are handcrafted from natural materials in most cases. Keep your furniture safe from hard-to-repair water marks and other surface damages.

These coasters withstand high heat from hot drinks and protect tabletops from chilled glasses that often develop condensation drops that drip onto tabletops often causing water related damage.

Any of these spectacular coasters would be phenomenal as gifts and can be terrific for a variety of other practical and whimsical uses.


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