Dog tags made of metal are examples of identification labels that can be used in various contexts. Give your dog identity tags if they wander off and get lost; this will help ensure their safety. Even though many pet shops have machines that can create tags for you, you can still craft your own if you possess a laser engraver at home. The following are some of the top laser cut dog tags;

Best Laser Cut Dog Tags

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Laser Cut Dog Tags Reviews

There are many dog tags on the market. However, the laser cut dog tag is the most popular. We have reviewed several tags for dogs. In our review, we have considered several factors such as brand, shipping to USA, and the custom engraving method used. Ensure you only buy a pet id tag that is secure.

Thick Silicone Dog ID Tags

Thick Silicone Dog ID Tags

Such dog ID tags from Etsy are made from a thick silicone that has been layered multiple times. Compared to the standard metal tags, these silicone tags have several benefits. To begin, the material is exceptionally hardy and does not easily nick or scratch.

Another advantage of this laser dog tag is that it is silent, so there won’t be any jingling sounds made by your pet as it explores your home.

The tags can be purchased in a variety of bright and cheery models, some examples of which include an ocean sunrise, a rocky outcrop in bloom, and a shield with the colors red, blue, and white.

Even though they do not reflect light, the vibrant colors will be simpler to recognize in the dark. There is space available for a maximum of six lines of engraved writing on each of the tags.

Because the material is more pliable than metal, you should remain vigilant on these tags to ensure that they are not in danger of coming loose from the metal ring they are attached to.

The tags are available in eight different types of metal, ranging from the relatively inexpensive stainless steel and aluminum to the extravagant 14-karat rose or yellow gold. Before completing it, add a line of hand-stamped writing on each side and decorate it with one of the images available.

They also have another option for your cat.

Tough Stainless Steel Dog tag

Tough Stainless Steel Dog tag

These identification tags for dogs are made from stainless steel spruced up to a reflective surface finish. Stainless steel has the benefit of being considerably more durable than aluminum and brass.

As you probably know, aluminum and brass are the most popular dog tags available on the market. This is mainly because dog tags created from these materials are sturdy, safe, and easy to adjust.

These dog ID tags are made in the United States and are available in two distinct sizes and nine patterns.

Regardless of the option, the tag can accommodate a maximum of four writing lines on each side for a grand aggregate of eight lines. Consider including any health issues or allergies, with your contact number and your pet’s name, on the identification tag.

Because the engraving is not particularly deep, purchasing it should not be considered a long-term investment. But considering the reasonable cost, it’s not a bad payoff overall. If you have cats, you can check some of their collars.

Affordable Engraved Dog Tags

Affordable Engraved Dog Tags

These engraved tags from Etsy are your best option for a straightforward ID tag at an affordable price. Because the tags are made of aluminum with an electroplated finish, they are very light and won’t drag down your dog’s collar.

Because the dog tags are offered in two different sizes, eight patterns, and nine colors, you should be able to find a tag that suits your dog’s character.

These dog tags are made in the United States of America and come with a partitioned band crafted from stainless steel. On every side of the dog tag, there is space for four lines of CO2 laser-engraved writing.

You can fasten the dog tag to the dog’s collar. If you have an extremely active dog, these dog tags may not be your preferred option because they are susceptible to showing some signs of wear and tear.

Durable Rose Gold Dog Tag

Rose Gold Dog Tag

The Rose Gold Dog Tag generally keeps things simple and is the perfect accessory to add a sophisticated final flourish to any dog’s collar. The essential thing about it is that it can be skillfully etched with crucial information in case your four-legged friend decides to embark on an adventure.

The Rose Gold Dog Tag layout is uncluttered and straightforward, accentuating the engraved custom details by drawing attention to them. As a result, it is an ideal laser id tag for your dog or cat.

This stylish dog tag will not only look cute hanging from their collar, but it will also make it simple for a person to read the most relevant information. This is important for the health and life of your dog. Suppose your furry companion ever decides to go on an adventure on their own.

In that case, you can quickly identify them if you engrave their name on the dog tag and the master’s telephone number on a tag and attach it to their collar.

This dog tag is long-lasting, simple to interpret, and secured against corrosion products and fading thanks to its construction out of polished stainless steel and a surface coating applied at the end. You will be able to select the ideal font for your text, add it, and then etch both edges of the dog tag to ensure that all pertinent information is present.

Customizable Laser Engraved Dog Tags

Customizable Laser Engraved Dog Tags

Your dog has a one-of-a-kind character, and because of this, they need a dog tag that can be entirely personalized. Once you place an order for a dog tag from Etsy, you can select it in one of eight various shapes, have it fashioned in the form of your state, or pay an additional fee to have it fashioned in a form that is unique to your pet.

These dog tags are available in eight distinct types of metal, ranging from the relatively inexpensive aluminum and stainless steel to the extravagant 14-karat yellow gold.

Before completing it, add a line of hand-stamped messages on every side of the dog tag and decorate it with one of the available images.


Can you laser engrave dog tags?

It is now possible to have custom laser engraved dog tags. Pet id tags are engraved beautifully turning them luxurious. You are free to customize them with a range of details, fonts, picture, logos, and more turning them into one-of-a-kind.

What do you engrave on a custom dog tag?

There are various things you can engrave on custom dog tags. These include pet id tag, phone number, your name and address, health issues, and dog’s name. It is possible to have double sided custom engraving.

What is the cost of custom laser engraved dog tags?

The price of custom dog tags varies depending on factors such as brand, lasers used, options engraved, color, and material used. The average cost is $20 to $35. If you have a laser machine, you can reduce the cost by purchasing brass or aluminum leashes and collars and then have them custom laser engraved.


You should note that custom engraving of pet id tag is an easy task. Make sure you consider the number of pets you have. These dog tags are sold in different stores. Ensure you only purchase from a reputable store. The store you choose should provide you with a guarantee.

The above-mentioned laser ID dog tags are the best because of the wide variety of choices, affordability, and ease of ordering. Etsy is the place to visit if you are the type of person who thinks that nothing is enough for your dogs and wants to upgrade to even more customizable choices.

Also read our guide on different types of laser cut dog tags and their uses.


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