Laser cut jewelry is trending now on Etsy and other fashion and accessory retail sites. Often, laser-cut jewelry pieces are expertly crafted out of a lightweight wood. This allows individuals to wear larger statement style accessories that are still lightweight enough to offer comfortable wear over a longer period.

Read on for 5 of the most popular and beautiful, handmade laser-cut jewelry available on Etsy now.

Best Laser Cut Jewelry 

Laser-Cut Hot Dog Acrylic Food NecklaceCHECK PRICE
Handmade Wood Laser Cut EarringsCHECK PRICE
Hand Painted Laser Cut Wooden Drop EarringsCHECK PRICE
Gothic Style Laser Cut Guillotine Wood Dangle EarringsCHECK PRICE
Hand-Painted Laser Cut Peacock EarringsCHECK PRICE

Best Laser Cut Jewelry 

Laser-Cut Hot Dog Acrylic Food Necklace

This is a fun jewelry piece that you will want to wear to outdoor BBQs, casual get together events with friends or family or when relaxing at home or going shopping on weekends. The hot dog design has been laser cut from sheets of mirror, glitter or opaque acrylic with a white back. This statement necklace comes with a larger, chunky gold-hued chain with an adjustable extender to easily get your preferred length.

Wear this upbeat and trendy necklace to the beach, while visiting cultural events or when out enjoying the day with your special person or group of friends. This is sure to become one of your favorite accessories that will be cherished and worn often.

Handmade Wood Laser Cut Earrings with Brass Hardware

If you want to feel groovy and ready to rock and roll, wear these Boho inspired wood earrings that have been carefully laser cut into a pair of lightweight but still flirty dangle earrings. As an added benefit, you can apply your favorite essential oil or perfume to the backs of these unfinished earrings for a relaxing or invigorating aromatherapy that you can enjoy all day or all night long.

These earrings bring forth the beauty of nature, and the brass ear wires are nickel free to reduce chances of irritation. The brass hardware is available in silver, gold or a vintage looking antique gold-hued finish.

Hand Painted Laser Cut Wooden Drop Earrings in a Sunflower Design

These delightful wooden drop earrings feature a laser-cut sunflower design that is sure to bring a smile to everyone who sees them. The hand-painted earrings are large enough to captivate but lightweight enough for comfortable wear. The delicate laser-cut pattern conveys a hippie style reminiscent of when jewelry and other accessories were handmade with love and dreams of ongoing peace and plenty of sunshine.

The nickel free brass ear wires are in an easy-wear fishhook style, and the earrings are hypogenic and stunningly detailed. These jewelry pieces will fast become your go-to accessory for casual wear attire days, weekend events or for eating lunch with your friends or a special someone.

Gothic Style Laser Cut Guillotine Wood Dangle Earrings

These bewitching dangle earrings are ideal for Halloween parties or for those who adore darker and mystical attire and gothic accessories all year long. These earrings definitely make a statement and are handmade featuring shimmery mirrors that catch the light whether from the sun, candlelight or when the moonlight shines from the night sky.

Wearing these earrings that depict an old-fashioned guillotine design that is carefully laser-cut from lightweight wood will certainly draw attention by others. This jewelry piece boasts easy-wear hardware that is crafted from nickel free stainless steel known to be less irritating than some of the other metals.

These edgy laser-cut earrings feature a stained wood finish accented with sliver hued mirror blades. Despite the heavier atmosphere that this jewelry conveys, these earrings are surprisingly lightweight. This is a fantastic gift idea for a teen or adult who has a darker fashion style or individuals who love going all out during the fall Halloween season.

Hand-Painted Laser Cut Peacock Earrings Made of Recycled Maple Wood

Peacocks are naturally bold and beautiful with their spectacular wings boasting rich and vibrant colors and exotic feather patterns. These magnificent handmade and hand-painted peacock dangle earrings are laser-cut out of unfinished and recycled, lightweight maple wood with sterling silver posts for more comfortable wear.

Despite the cleverly laser-cut design style that leans towards an exotic style that conveys passionate and bold vibes, these earrings are so pretty and feminine, they are perfect for back-to-nature personalities and outdoor events. In addition, these jewelry pieces are also terrific accessories to wear for a holiday or other special occasion.


Can you make jewelry with a laser cutter?

Laser cutting is vital for jewelry cutting applications. This is because it is possible to create complex patterns with superior edge quality. Moreover, with high speed and repeatability, you can produce items in large volumes. 

Can you laser cut gold?

All jewelry metals, whether precious or non-precious can be laser cut. These include gold, silver, titanium, and stainless steel. 


If you consider yourself a nature loving soul that appreciates handmade attire and jewelry pieces, then this selection of 5 top laser cut jewelry on Etsy may be just what you are searching for. These handcrafted and hand-painted earrings and necklaces are large and captivating enough to draw favorable attention, but these pieces are astonishingly lightweight and easy to wear just about any place. You may love these accessories so much; you might want to purchase more than one to stretch and complement your current wardrobe.


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