There are many purposes for practical and gorgeous laser cut products like the following top laser cut names that add character and charm to any get together or other celebratory occasions. Take a minute of your time to review each cute and reusable laser cut name option that can make any table or other setting look and feel extra classy and fun.

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Best Laser Cut Names 

Laser-Cut Wood Name Cutout CHECK PRICE
Custom Laser-Cut Black Wood or Acrylic Name TagCHECK PRICE
Customized Laser-Cut 80-Count Wedding or Party Place Cards CHECK PRICE
Wedding Centerpiece Wood or Acrylic Laser-Cut NamesCHECK PRICE
Laser-Cut Wood Name Card for Table Place HoldersCHECK PRICE

Laser Cut Names Reviews

Laser Cut Wood Name Cutout

Laser Cut Wood Name Cutout

Many families hang stockings on their fireplace mantles or elsewhere come Christmas Eve. There are lots of individuals who love to personalize their holiday decor for winter festivities or for other special occasions through the year. One way to accomplish this is to buy larger, laser-cut wood name cutouts intended for just this purpose and many others.

These lovely handmade wooden name tags are larger and can be customized with your favorite color. This selection has a wonderful cursive font that is beautiful and can be seen from across the room. All you need to do is attach twine and get a stocking, not included, to pin it to. The width is 10 inches, and the height is 5 inches with a depth of 3 mm.

Order these fun and well-made name tags individualized for all your beloved family members. After the holidays, these name tags make great room decorations too. Hang it on a wall, from a dresser or a shelf. Your child or teen will appreciate their name in a stylish 3-dimensional wood format. They can also be used to add some flair to a larger present or a tin can full of yummy baked goods.

Custom Laser Cut Acrylic Name Tag

Custom Laser-Cut Black Wood or Acrylic Name Tag

There are formal dinners and special family events such as a wedding, anniversary party or family reunion, when having an attractive and personalized name tag or card is appreciated. Try these wonderful laser-cut black name tags in wood or acrylic to individualize your intended dinner place settings. These cursive name tags are perfect for wedding tables or for other special occasions. Many bridal couples send these individualized tags home with their guests as a special and useful memorable item from your special day.

Each customer simply chooses their desired font, and there are 20 gorgeous font styles to select. Then, choose the number of wedding place cards or name tag. These tags come in convenient sets starting with 30-count up to 250-count options. Your order will be shipped without the need for shopping in busy and noisy crowds.

The laser-cut names will vary in length depending on how many letters are in the name. All names are cut from either wood or acrylic, and all tags will be black.

Customized Laser Cut 80-Count Wedding or Party Place Cards 

Customized Laser-Cut 80-Count Wedding or Party Place Cards

More gift givers are choosing to individualize their presents or tables using the recipient’s personal name. Brides-to-be often like to use these custom table place cards with names to give their dinner table an extra touch of sophistication and elegance. The guest may even take these place cards home as a wedding or shower favor to use for another purpose.

This ample-sized-pack of 80-count painted wood/acrylic name cards are ideal for wedding or baby showers, wedding receptions, holiday table placeholders or as home decorations. There are plenty of uses for these delightful and customized name cards making this an excellent choice for any upcoming event or purpose.

Wedding Centerpiece Wood or Acrylic Laser Cut Names, Signs

Wedding Centerpiece Wood or Acrylic Laser-Cut Names

Celebrations can be made extra special with some personalized decorations like this cheery wedding wood or acrylic table centerpiece laser-cut names, signs that are eco-friendly according to the manufacturer. Used as a sign, this attractive name product can be used on the wall if hangers are attached or used in standing form as it comes with its support stick.

Unlike other products that are similar and typically get thrown into the trash when the event is over, this wooden and/or acrylic name cutout can be used over and over again cutting down on waste making it better for the planet.

This laser cut name cutout is available in several colors including black, copper, gold, silver and unfinished for detailing later if desired. This is a practical home decor or table setting item that can be used for weddings, birthdays, patriotic holidays and even sports related games celebrated with friends if having party foods. The sign may be personalized with a team’s name, a geographical place or a personal name.

Laser Cut Wood Name Card for Table Place Holders

This smaller handmade, laser-cut wood name card, used for table place holders at special dinners and other events, come in several color selections like black, gold, silver, copper and bronze. The wooden name cutouts may also be ordered unfinished. This is often handy for those that want to paint them or otherwise decorate the item themselves.

These smaller place card holders are approximately 3 inches long. However, this size can vary depending on how long the name is. All are carefully laser-cut to get the individual names ordered, and the MDF wood is cut to 1/6 inch or 5mm.

Elevate your table for an upcoming family, business or other event. This simple and incredibly affordable custom name cutout is a welcome addition to any table or other setting. After the special occasion is over, send the personalized name cutouts home with guests or use later for another purpose. Kids and teens will love these items to personalize their rooms, bulletin boards or lockers.


What type of laser cutting is used to cut names?

Various methods of laser cutting can be used to cut names. These include remote cutting, flame cutting, and fusion cutting. 

What materials are laser cut names made from?

The laser is designed to etch or cut. Materials that a laser machine can cut include wood, paper, cork, and some types of plastic. On the other hand, edging can be done on any particular material. 

Final Thoughts

Some of the above personalized name cutouts and other products can be custom ordered by getting in touch with the seller directly. These impressive and reasonably priced top laser-cut names can help your table or celebratory setting stand apart from the rest.

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