Phone stands make it easy to make video calls, watch videos on phone and make other use of phones while keeping your hands free. These stands come in various makes and designs but laser cut phone stands are some of the most preferred.

These are mainly wooden stands that have creative designs and messages engraved in them. They are both functional and decorative. Here is a look at the top laser cut phone stands you can find on Etsy.

Best Laser Cut Phone Stands

Military Veteran Laser Cut Phone StandCHECK PRICE
Cell Phone Stand with Personalized Laser Cut NameCHECK PRICE
Personalized Laser Engraved Phone StandCHECK PRICE
Butterfly/Hearts Laser Cut Wood Phone HolderCHECK PRICE
Elephant Metal Phone Desk HolderCHECK PRICE

Laser Cut Phone Stands Reviews

Finding the top laser cut phone holders is not an easy task. Fortunately, our team has tested some of the best laser cutter stands you can find on the market. Most of these stands have been created by licensed professionals. Also, you can get their project files, which you can download for your DIY projects.

Military Veteran Laser Cutter Phone Stand

Military Veteran Laser Cut Phone Stand

Are you a veteran or do you know of one? This veteran-themed phone holder would be a perfect gift for those who formerly served in the military. This handmade phone holder is created using 3mm thick basswood with the word ‘Veteran’ engraved on one side. Next to this are symbolic engravings including stars just like those on the national flag and army chains like those worn during service.

With such symbolism, this phone holder will warm the heart of any veteran. At the bottom is the type of service the specific veteran served. This can be customized to read ‘Veteran of the United States Army/Navy/Marines/Coast Guard’.

The phone holder measures 5.5 inches by 3.5 inches and has cut-outs that allow easy charging. Cords exit through the back of the stand for a sleek and neat arrangement wherever it is placed. You can also get a dxf file for this laser cut phone stand.

Cell Phone Stand with Personalized Laser Cut Name

Cell Phone Stand with Personalized Laser Cut Name

A personalized phone holder screams of elegance and class. This particular product adds beauty and functionality. It is a sleek phone holder made out of wood and engraved with a letter and name of your choice. So, what is your name? Add it to your details as you order this item and get a customized, sleek-looking phone holder.

The holder is collapsible which means you can easily carry it from one place to the other. It is available in different colors including oak, wenge and palisander. Users also get to select the font they want used in the engraving. Even if you need more customization, it can be done.

Personalized Laser Engraved Phone Stand

Personalized Laser Engraved Phone Stand

With this product, you get a handmade wooden phone holder that has an image of your choice engraved on it. You may choose from the available options of Spiderman, Starwars or Superman to name but a few. Alternatively, send your own image over and it will be engraved on the wood to create a great phone stand. The aim is to create a decorative piece that adds aesthetic appeal wherever it is placed.

This phone holder measures 6.6 inches by 4.8 inches which is large enough to accommodate most phones. It is fitted with a cord slot so everything stays out of sight for a neat look even when your phone is charging. To move the holder from one place to the other simply collapse it and it will fit into a small bag.

Butterfly/Hearts Laser Cut Wood Phone Holder

Butterfly Hearts Laser Cut Wood Phone Holder

How cute are butterflies and little hearts? That combination looks really cute on clothes and even phone stands. Choose this beautifully decorated phone stand for an instant transformation of a table. Whether you are gifting a friend or want to buy for your personal use, this is a great choice. By combining butterflies and hearts to create beautiful patterns, the makers of these stands have come up with great pieces of art.

This handmade product is created by engraving the patterns on 0.25 inches thick wood. Buyers can select from two types of wood namely maple and walnut. At the bottom of this holder is a port that directs cords to the back keeping everything neat and in place. The holder measures 6 inches by 3.5 inches allowing it enough space to hold most phones.


What are the different kinds of phone stands?

The major types of phone stands are categorized based on their application. These include phone stands for car, desk, laptop, and charging. They can also be classified according to their design. For example, we have foldable, ring, angle, and popsocket.

How do you laser cut phone stand?

First, you need dxf or cdr files. You can shop these online, download and save them to your computer. If you find files in pdf format, you can convert them to your preferred file format. Purchasing them from Etsy is the best option as you save both time and money. After this, you can laser cut them, assemble your parts together and use sand paper for finished polish.

What should you consider when buying laser cut phone holder?

It is advisable to consider the cutout, width, design, size, height, holding mechanism, and cost. If you are buying online, make sure you check the photos and consult your friends. When you search online, you can get access to multiple projects.

What materials are used to make phone stands?

With laser cutting technology, you can make your phone stand from nearly any given material. For instance, designers have turned plywood into a pretty phone holder.


The above top laser cut phone stands are a great addition everyone needs. They are readily available in different sizes, and allow you to perform a variety of functions, such as zoom. They make it easy to use a phone hands-free and serve an aesthetic purpose as well. Why choose laser-cut phone stands? They are made of high-quality wood on which engravings are made.

By using laser, the words and patterns on the final products are clearly defined and neat in appearance. Laser cut stands are perfect gift items for loved ones as well. If you were wondering what to get that special someone on their birthday, anniversary or holidays, now you know!

If you decide to create your own cdr or dxf files, you should license them. This will ensure other people are unable to steal your project, which you have designed.


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