Examine 5 products determined to meet top laser cut plywood list qualifications this year. All the below products boast handmade, laser cut, and etching workmanship. The laser cutter cut machine boasting high energy laser beam cuts through the plywood and engraves it. Buy one for your home or purchase some early-bird gifts ahead of the holiday hustle and bustle.

Best Laser Cut Plywood

Laser Cut 3D Plywood Model Grand Prix CarCHECK PRICE
North Star Laser Cut Box PlywoodCHECK PRICE
Custom Laser Cut Plywood & Acrylic Name SignsCHECK PRICE
Vintage 70's-Inspired Laser Cut Birch Plywood LampshadeCHECK PRICE
Stunning Laser Cut 3D Wooden Berlin City SkylineCHECK PRICE

Laser Cut Plywood Reviews

Laser Cut 3D Plywood Model Grand Prix Car from 1910s – Age 8+ Skilled DIY Model

1910s Grand Prix Car- Laser Cut Plywood 3D model

Putting together model cars is a fun pastime that many have fond memories of doing when younger. This fabulous, 3D laser-cut plywood model 1910s grand prix automobile is rated at a harder skill level for ages 8 and above. It is best if the user has experience with this sort of craft.

This laser cutter model car does not need glue to put together, and the detail work is evident right from the start. This is an excellent DIY model project to do alone or with a child.

The model kit comes with in-depth and clear instructions to help ensure a seamless process. After the car is complete, you will probably want to showcase it somewhere in your home or at a workstation. There are 220 different pieces, and this is a ROBOTIME model kit. This automobile model set makes a perfect gift for anyone who loves old fashioned cars and those that like putting together intricate models like this one.

North Star Laser Cut Box Handcrafted & Finished Baltic Birch Plywood

North Star Laser Cut Box Plywood

With the winter holidays coming soon, this beautiful, North Star laser-cut intricate wooden box is handcrafted and finished making it an ideal choice for a thoughtful holiday present. Made of Baltic birch plywood, this cube opens, and will make a wonderful seasonal decoration.

The design shows precise woodworking technique that results in a pretty and natural themed decorative item that can be placed just about anywhere and does not have to be put away after the holidays are over.

Custom Laser Cutting Plywood & Acrylic Name Signs – Decorative Party Wall Hanging

Custom Laser Cut Plywood and acrylic names

It is always nice to have personalized banners, backdrops or wall hangings that give any occasion class and character. This custom, handcrafted, laser-cut acrylic and plywood name sign will make your upcoming event extra special.

Each letter is cut with a precision laser cutting process that creates accurate lines and gives each name sign, banner, backdrop or wall hanging a professional appearance that retains its handmade touch. There are many vibrant color choices like glossy hues, matte finishes, glitter or mirror acrylics and more.

There are 3 plywood depth size options along with several width sizes. Your sign can be further customized with your favorite font style. These custom signs are ideal for a baby’s new nursery, a child’s bedroom, a wedding backdrop, an anniversary party and holiday celebrations.

Vintage 70’s-Inspired Laser Cut Birch Plywood Lampshade with String Art Design

Laser Cut Birch Plywood Lampshade

If you are a fan of the 1970’s interior design styles, then this 70’s-inspired lampshade, featuring birch plywood laser-cut to mimic string art design,  is something you will want to see. The plywood is cut in ultra-thin layers, and the lampshade works for both pendant and lamp bases.

String art was popular in that bygone decade, and this beautiful lampshade recreates that groovy vibe through color and handcrafted details.

The designs around the lampshade will be in the colors that you select, and the lampshade comes in several sizes. The abstract style of the string art, shown on this lampshade, appears much like the spirograph patterns made with wheels that created the geometrical shapes and lines that were seen almost everywhere during the 1970’s era.

Stunning Laser Cut 3D Wooden Berlin City Skyline in Silhouette – Desk Art

Stunning Laser Cut 3D Wooden Berlin City Skyline

Seeing a city from a distance often gives individuals a different and more streamlined view that may boast beautiful architectural models and styles of the buildings that are in these urban areas.

This stunning, 3D wooden city skyline, in silhouette, of Berlin, Germany,  boasts precision laser cut detail work that depicts the city’s well-known structures and magnificent architectural lines. This is a phenomenal rendering of Germany’s capital city, and there are also other city skyline models that are available to order.


Can plywood be laser cut?

Yes. It is easy to cut plywood with CO2 or plasma laser machine. You need to use air assist feature, appropriate laser power, and right lens to achieve an optimal cutting result.

What type of plywood for laser cutting?

The main types of plywood for laser cutting are bamboo and birch wood plywood. Like cherry and maple, birch is dense but easy to cut. Since it cuts reliably and smoothly, it is great for beginners.

Why is plywood used for laser cutting?

Plywood is quite durable, attractive, and versatile material. In addition, it can be mass produced, making it suitable for laser cutting.

Final Thoughts

These stellar top laser cut plywood options are sure to please anyone who enjoys finding laser cut metal wall art, DIY model kits and vintage interior design products all at decent prices. Any of these crafts will make outstanding presents for your special events throughout the year. With the right laser cutters, you can make some of your custom gifts.

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