Out of all the available top laser cut quilt kits, the 5 quilt kit projects listed below have got to be some of the very best. Choose your favorite, easy laser cut kits and feed your inner creation cravings.

Best Laser Cut Quilts

Cute & Easy Laser Cut Patchwork Quilt KitCHECK PRICE
Darling DIY Laser Cut Sea Turtle Quilt KitCHECK PRICE
Fusible Soft Cotton Laser Cut Quilt KitCHECK PRICE
Quilt Kit with Aviary & Feather DesignCHECK PRICE
Vibrant Colored Mandala Applique Quilt KitCHECK PRICE

Laser Cut Quilts Reviews

Cute & Easy Laser Cut Patchwork Quilt Kit & Pattern – Chubby Chicks

This upbeat and super cute laser cut patchwork quilt kit comes with the pattern and 25 adorable chicks with beaks that are laser cut for easy crafting fun. Additional laser cut fabric kits, either precut squares or scraps of material, plus backing and finishing supplies needed to finish the project. The included pre-fused chicks with beaks are precut using a laser cut process. You simply peel and stick the chick and beaks onto your background quilt. Then using your preferred border applique technique, stitch around each piece and simply finish the edges.

There are add-ons to this kit available. Many crafters have rated this kit highly as being easy-to-do without needing a lot of hand dexterity. This makes this quilt kit an excellent choice as a heartfelt gift for craft enthusiasts of various ages and backgrounds.

Darling DIY Laser Cut Sea Turtle Pre-Fused Fabric Applique Quilt Kit – Background Separate

Quilting enthusiasts looking for a quick and easy quilting project will love this precious DIY applique quilted sea turtle kit with laser cut fabric pieces that are appliqued onto a background fabric not included in kit set. The kit comes with the fabric appliques that are pre-fused and ready-to-use, instructions for creating a lovely handmade wall hanging and the template. The material is a soft cotton, and the quilt project may be adapted for other uses.

Create your very own sweet, quilted wall hanging that can showcase your own unique handiwork. The kit supplies may also be used to create a unique handbag, to make a pretty throw pillow or used to fashion an original table centerpiece among many other craft options.

The template is designed as a quilt-by-number project that makes placement of each quilt piece an easy and clever process. The pre-fused fabric appliques may also be used on other materials like a metal surface, painted walls, tabletop surfaces and more.

Fusible Soft Cotton Laser Cut Quilt Kit – Garden Party Celebration by Fiberworks

This ingenious quilt set features bright and attractive colors that resemble hues and floral patterns commonly found in a garden setting. This laser cut and beautiful floral garden scene quilt kit includes the Garden Party Celebration pattern designed by Fiberworks. Each kit also comes with 12-sets of finer cotton, laser cut fabric applique pieces boasting incredible design detailing and stitch work that makes a finished quilt measuring 66 inches by 86 inches.

Each of the applique pieces are ready to use with SoftFuse Premium Fusing, and the kit comes with the pattern instructions that list which stitches to use, the proper iron temperature settings and where to affix them for a perfect result every time.

Quilt Kit with Aviary & Feather Design Using Laser Cut Appliques

This cheery, aviary and feather applique laser cut quilt kit is a fun and satisfying craft project for those who love to work with gorgeous fabrics to create original and artistic craft projects. The kit includes the gorgeously colored feather pieces, but the background fabric must be bought separately as an add on if desired. The included aviary pattern depicts 6 different birds in various poses and settings.

In addition to the lovely shaded and detailed bird applique pattern, there are additional add-ons depicting other birds, such as swans, available to purchase separately.

Laser Cut Vibrant Colored Mandala Applique Quilt Kit

This is a wonderful project to keep your creative inner spirit occupied and happy. This exquisite, mandala designer, laser cut quilt applique kit is breathtaking in person. The finished quilt project measures 67 inches by 67 inches. The upbeat shades used in the delightful and enchanting mandala patterns are sure to be appreciated and admired.

Typically, the raw edges on the fabric pieces are finished using one of several sewing techniques. This project boasts pre-fused material pieces for simple and fast completion using the included pattern’s step-by-step assembly instructions. Nothing could be easier, and the result is fabulous.

Final Thoughts

Share your own inspired creation and artistic talents with the world by completing a quilted DIY craft kit that features ready-to-use fabric pieces in glorious colors. Give, available for order, top laser cut quilt kits a try soon.


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