If you are drawn to larger shaped earrings but can’t deal with the expensive prices and extra weight, try one or more top laser cut wood earrings that can be securely and safely ordered online.

Many individuals love wearing interesting jewelry pieces that reflect their inner personas. Some like larger and statement making jewelry like larger earrings that dangle enticingly featuring intricate details and gorgeous designs.

Best Laser Cut Wood Earrings

Dangle Earrings in Guillotine DesignCHECK PRICE
Hippie-Era-Inspired Drop Wooden EarringsCHECK PRICE
Laser Cut Natural Wood Lightweight EarringsCHECK PRICE
Leaf Etched Design Brass EarringsCHECK PRICE
Baltic Birch Wood EarringsCHECK PRICE

Laser Cut Wood Earrings Reviews

Dangle Earrings in Guillotine Design

It can be difficult to find appropriate gothic styled jewelry if you do not know where to shop for them. Consider wearing these handmade, gothic-style dangly earrings that have been laser cut to feature a haunting guillotine design made of lightweight wood with silver-shaded edges on the blade portion for extra flair that begs notice.

These made-to-order bigger earrings are not too heavy, since the earrings are crafted from a lightweight Baltic birch wood. The earrings are then finished with acrylic that boasts shiny mirrors that glimmer bewitchingly as the light hits the tops of these earrings. Wear these Halloween-ideal, spooky earrings to get into the right frame of mind for upcoming fall celebrations and events. However, these earrings are able to be worn year-round as well.

Hippie-Era-Inspired Drop Wooden Earrings

Hippie-Era-Inspired Drop Wooden Earrings

These free-spirited drop wood earrings are terrific for those that have a more boho style or inner spirit. These handmade 2.5-inch earrings feature a lovely design that can be worn with almost any clothing apparel. These work for casual days and may be worn for social get togethers or nighttime dates with a special someone you might want to impress.

These fun and hippie-reminiscent earrings are just the thing for teens or adults that identify with their own unique fashion style. Unlike some other costume jewelry types, these wooden earrings are light in weight and will dangle seductively with movement or when they catch a breeze.

This piece boasts an easy-wear ear wire that can be purchased in 3 gorgeous color finishes. Select rose-gold, antique-inspired gold or silver hued hardware finish. These stunning earrings also make topnotch gifts for almost any occasion or as a spur-of-the-moment thank-you gift, last-minute invitation present and more. At the affordable prices, it makes sense to order several pairs to stash away these treasures later for a holiday stocking surprise or even as a package adornment for somebody special.

Laser Cut Natural Wood Lightweight Earrings

Laser Cut Natural Wood Lightweight Earrings

Geometric shapes and materials found in nature are trending today with jewelry enthusiasts of every age and personality type. Earrings are a fun way to express your artistic style and fashion statement in an inexpensive manner than won’t break your bank account. Consider purchasing a pair of these sassy rectangular shaped earrings featuring an open center laser cut out of finished natural wood with 3 pretty hardware color choices to suit anybody’s wardrobe and style preferences perfectly.

Wear these lightweight wooden rectangular earrings to your workplace, on vacation or while visiting with friends over a relaxing weekend. These are excellent choices to wear at the beach or for casual events of every description. It is surprising how just one piece of jewelry can elevate an outfit instantly giving your fashion look just the proper drama and artistic touch.

Leaf Etched Design Brass Earrings

Leaf Etched Design Brass Earrings

Nature lovers will adore these cute and fashionable leaf design, dangle-styled wood earrings with brass hued accents that are handmade and inspired most by nature itself. The laser-cut etchings create a stunning leafy design that is carved into lightweight wood and comes with brass hardware in different shade finish choices.

The golden hue of these artsy earrings gives the jewelry piece an expensive look that make these earrings right for any special occasion or just for everyday wear when wanting to dress up a comfy pair of favorite jeans and a t-shirt for weekend outings. Many travelers would benefit from packing away these affordable jewelry selections to avoid losing their expensive or heirloom jewels when far from home. These little gems are ideal for pairing with dressier tops and dress pants, skirts or any style of apparel.

Wear these flirty earrings to all your winter holiday festivities, to work related events or to add some personal statement to your favorite little black dress or as an accompaniment to fall-weather-ready hoodies and sweaters. These handmade earrings will take you anywhere you wish to go throughout every season of the year.

Baltic Birch Wood Earrings

Baltic Birch Wood Earrings

Jewelry enthusiasts that are most drawn to the larger and fun art deco styles will fall for these gorgeously handmade and geometric, hand painted maze earrings.  The earrings are carefully cut using a laser cut approach that creates this impressive maze puzzle design. The earrings are then hand painted with care using each buyer’s choice of available paint colors.

These funky and beautiful earrings are great for those who have sensitive earlobes. The earrings boast sterling silver hooks, and the Baltic birch wood, that the design portion of the earring is cut from, is easy-to-wear and ultra-lightweight too.

The available colors are extraordinary and include a vibrant warm cherry, a purple mica or a ridiculous red shade that will help get these enchanting earrings the favorable attention that they deserve. These delightfully unique and trendy earrings are must-haves this fall and will be enjoyed all year long. You can also find some with laser cut letters

Final Thoughts

Any of these fetching handmade earrings that are laser cut from lightweight wood would be an excellent addition to any jewelry collection or wardrobe. These fun items are also unique and attractive enough for gift giving special occasions. Keep a few of these handmade and labeled top laser cut wood earrings hidden away somewhere for those unexpected occasions when a thoughtful gift would be much appreciated.

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