Almost everyone can enjoy wood signs that are handmade of wood and can be personalized too. These signs come in many styles, sizes and artistic details. Consider purchasing one or more of these following 5 top laser cut wooden signs available for order online now.

Best Laser Cut Wood Signs

Personalized Rustic Wooden 3D Laser Cut Family SignCHECK PRICE
Original Handmade 3D Wood SignCHECK PRICE
Last-Name Handmade Wooden SignCHECK PRICE
Oversized Indoor/Outdoor Laser-Cut 3D Wooden Logo Ranch SignCHECK PRICE
Customized 3D Laser-Cut Baby Name Wooden SignsCHECK PRICE

Laser Cut Wooden Signs Reviews

Personalized Rustic Wooden 3D Laser Cut Family Sign with Raised Lettering

Personalized Rustic Wooden 3D Laser Cut Family Sign

This magnificent personalized, rustic-styled, wooden 3D family sign features raised lettering along with other eye-captivating details. There are many different uses for such a personalized sign that includes as a wedding day decorative sign, a sign to personalize a family celebration or reunion, for home decor use and can be ideal as a housewarming gift among other possible uses.

This custom wood sign comes in three different stain options that include True Black, Provincial or Aged Barrel depending on your preference. These signs also come in two size options to suit any space. The raised lettering will be the shade of the natural wood, and this form of lettering gives the piece greater visual and textural depth.

The signs are handmade using a laser cut technique to get the desired etching marks. Each sign will have its own unique characteristics from the various woodgrain patterns each cut piece of wood will have. This 3D art raised lettering laser cut wood sign crafted for indoor use only and are finished with a clear stain.

Original Handmade 3D Wood Sign Laser Cut with Family Name Raised for Stunning Effect

Original Handmade 3D Wood Sign

Individuals looking for a thoughtful personalized gift for birthdays, anniversaries, family reunions, weddings and other gift-giving special occasions will want to investigate this 3D handmade rustic wooden pallet sign featuring a raised lettering family name. There are two color choices of black and white, and three size options. This rustic decorative sign can be easily hung as wall decor.

The authentic horizontal wooden pallets are natural hue with wood nourishing teak oil applied to give the sign some moisture repellent properties without using harmful bad chemicals. This is a terrific sign to use in a home or work office, as a decorative wall hanging, a covered porch piece of artwork or in a child’s bedroom.

This sign looks spectacular with the white lettering options against the natural bark color patterns of the woodgrain. Each sign is a different version due to the unique grain patterns and striations of different wood growth markings. Hang this family sign at your beach house, lake cabin or hunting camp. Soon, this sign will have etched a place on every member of the family reflecting many years of cherished family time and adventures.

Large Custom Cut-Out Last-Name Handmade Wooden Sign

Last-Name Handmade Wooden Sign

Put this sensational, larger-sized, handmade wooden last-name cut-out sign on your wish list pronto. This somewhat whimsical wooden sign is handcrafted, carefully stained with your shade selection, and has a fun cut-out of your last name that is painted in your color choice.

The actual size and height of the name portion will vary depending on length of name, font used and other factors. The sides of the individual letters in your name will be left dark to complement the paint shade. These gorgeous, personalized signs come with a separate sawtooth hanger for easy hanging with only a screwdriver needed. Take time to view your paint and stain options, as each sign can have its own original design when finished.

This handcrafted sign that is customized makes a true gift from the heart to those you adore and love the most. You may want to order enough for all the gift recipients on your list.

Oversized Indoor/Outdoor Laser-Cut 3D Wooden Logo Ranch Sign

Outdoor Laser-Cut 3D Wooden Logo Ranch Sign

This rustic styled oversized, indoor/outdoor, laser-cut 3D wooden ranch sign is an excellent choice for a wide number of purposes. The handcrafted sign is large enough to hang as a business logo sign, as a descriptive farm sign or hang it just about anyplace else. The extra-large size and raised lettering help to ensure that it will be seen from a distance.

This sign is crafted by hand out of plywood that is stained and detailed to convey a beautiful statement that is personalized as desired. The lettering is mounted onto a walnut stained plywood backerboard that boasts an included frame of solid wood. The letters are not simply painted on like other signs of similar nature, they are laser-cut then attached to the frame giving it a more pleasing aesthetic with increased depth.

There are a few different size options along with your choice in available finish options that include finishes designed for indoor use, outdoor use when underneath a roof and for outdoor use. There are some manufacturer details that recommend other protective measures to use especially when sign will be outdoors in inclement weather.

Customized 3D Laser-Cut Baby Name Wooden Signs – Boho Wall Art

Customized 3D Laser-Cut Baby Name Wooden Signs

A baby’s name is something very special, and parents typically put lots of thought in naming their little bundles of joy when they arrive. It is common for expectant parents to begin planning their baby’s nursery. Some parents like to use wall art that is personalized for this very purpose.

This cute, 3D laser-cut, baby name wood lettered sign is perfect for any new baby and will grow with them through the years. Many parents attach the individual letters onto a wall for a boho-inspired letter wall art. Both the first name and middle name are used in these personalized name signs, and parents can select from a wide variety of fonts, from cursive to printed and more.

In addition, parents may select varying fonts and sizes allowing the middle name to be smaller than the main first name. This helps to give the letters a cool 3D appearance that is mesmerizing. Your baby will love staring at his/her name, and the letters can still be appropriate and enjoyed when your baby grows older too.


What is laser cut wooden sign?

Basically, laser engraved wooden signs are designs of your brand’s name, logo, and more on a flat wooden surface. The engraving procedure is done by a laser cutter. 

Can laser cutting be done on wood?

Yes. Actually, wood is the most popular material that is used with laser cutters and engravers. This is because it is relatively inexpensive and looks fantastic when compared to other materials. 

What types of wood are used in laser engraving?

The popular types of wood popular in laser engraving are cherry, oak, walnut, alder, maple, balsa, and basswood. 

Final Thoughts

A name is truly a personal way to make someone feel special and loved. Why not show your pride and love of your unique name, or somebody else’s name, by purchasing one of the above 5 top laser cut wood signs that each have different characteristics like color combinations, finish options, font style and size along with many other differences.

Buy them for your own use or give these signs as heartfelt and thought-out gifts that will be surely appreciated.

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